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A new study is enrolling now for people with chronic low back pain and pain-related disability.

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A New Option for Back Pain-Related Disability

There are approximately 266 million people worldwide┬╣ who suffer from chronic low back pain and struggle to find lasting relief. 

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Chronic low back pain can get worse with bending, lifting, or twisting, and the pain-related disability often interferes with daily life. 

If you've had chronic low back pain for at least six months and haven't experienced relief from conservative treatment, this study might be a fit for you. 

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1. Ravindra et al. (2018). Global Spine Journal 8(8), 784-794.

Why Join this Clinical Study?

When conservative treatment no longer helps, other pain management options can include surgery or prescription pain medication, such as opioids. This study is testing an intradiscal injection to provide a non-surgical option for people living with chronic low back pain.  

You may be a good candidate for this study if you:

Experience chronic low back pain that interferes with daily life

Haven't found relief from at least 3 months of conservative treatments

Are 18+

Are willing to help advance research and treatment for chronic low back pain

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Participants may also be eligible to receive reimbursement for study-related expenses such as travel and lodging.

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